Can complete beginners do your kits?

Sure. Our beginner kits are made for 100% complete beginners. Here’s some beginner-friendly things included in each kit:

  • A step-by-step guide with video tutorials that shows you everything from how to hold a hook and yarn, to getting through your first few stitches in the kit
  • All the materials you need to complete one plushie
  • More video and photo tutorials at Learn Crochet – kikiroly Art & Craft
  • Personalized support. If you find yourself tangled in knots, take a photo of your piece and send it to kikiroly@outlook.comCan kids do your kits?


Can kids do your kits?

It’s the answer we all dread – it depends. Our kits are made for kids 12+. Some factors that affect how easily a child can learn how to crochet are: how much they dabble in arts and crafts already, how much hand eye coordination they have, and how well they can learn physical skills from either video or photo + written content.


Can lefties do your kits?

sure, we identify dominant and non-dominant hand in the tutorials instead of left and right hand. 


How long does a beginner kit take?

Everyone crochets at a different speed. We've heard from complete beginners, that our beginner kits take anywhere between 3-8 hours. 


I bought a kit. How do I get started?

1. Click News – kikiroly Art & Craft and select the kit you have.

2. Follow the instructions or videos to start your crochet.

3. If you have any questions during crocheting. Take a picture or video of your crochet piece and describe your issue to our email kikiroly@outlook.com, we'll respond as soon as possible. We always be with you to make your crochet creations. 


I'm giving a kit as a gift. Will my giftee have access to the pattern and tutorials?

Yep! The instructions to get to the pattern and tutorials will be on the back of the card that comes with their kit. No need to forward any emails.  


Why don't your kits come with a printed pattern?

Most of our kits are for complete beginners, and we've heard from other newly minted crocheters that following online video tutorials is the easiest way to learn crochet. That's why we purposely encourage you to go online to watch the tutorial videos. If your kits without printed pattern, email us with your order number, we'll send you a digital pattern. 


Can I sell finished items made from your patterns?

Yep, but only in small quantities and if you give credit to The Kikiroly. You must also use your own photos to sell your work. 


What is amigurumi?

Amigurumi is a Japanese word that describes small knitted or crocheted stuffed toys.