About us

KikiRoly - Small Art & Craft Brand with Love and Joy


Our mission

Kikiroly was founded by a passionate art and craft lover who wanted to share her lovely idea for creating hand made caft kits with the world. 

 Our value

 Kikiroly offers free crochet patterns, amigurumi tutorials for beginners and other art and craft material kits for customers. Whether you want to make a gift for someone special, decorate your home, or simply enjoy a relaxing hobby, Kikiroly can help you make it with love and joy.

Our story

I have two little girls. Scarlet is five and Celine just turned two. What I like the most about making crafts is seeing my daughters’ faces when there’s something finished that they really, really like. I watch for the surprise in their eyes when they discover a little mermaid l just finished, or when they find that the turtle’s belly is full of eggs waiting to hatch. I love seeing the pride in their little faces when they figure out a sorting game l just made up, or when they spend hours cuddling with their new favorite softie. 

 I find that after a hard (and crazy!) day, once the girls are in bed and my husband and I are just sitting around, with no energy for anything else but to watch whatever’s on TV, making a nice cup of tea and choosing colors and materials for a new craft are what relax me the most. There is something magical when a single piece to form a completed hand made art craft. 

 l hope that making these little creatures and decorations will be fun for you. All crafts that i share are pretty simple and straightforward to make, but most of all, there will be lots of fun for you to enjoy.


Thank you so much for visiting my website and supporting my brand. It means the world to me. Happy playing and happy life.